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Frequently Asked Questions

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What sizes are your Chesterfields available in?

We make all of our Chesterfields in a 37" Armchair, 71" Loveseat, 87" Sofa, and 95" Sofa. If you click the drop-down menu under the listing you are interested in, you will see the sizes available and corresponding prices.

Do you offer Customer Orders?

We are a relatively new operation and are thus focused on perfecting and our standard offerings for the time being. 

We thus do not offer any custom orIf the print hasn’t been finalized, you can contact us to make changes to the order.

Do you have Stores or Showrooms?

We are online ONLY. 

While we are located in Beloit, WI, we do not have any physical stores or showrooms. This allows us to keep our overhead to a minimum and offer the rock-bottom prices that we do.

Do you offer Fabric Samples?

We do not offer fabric samples.

One of the main reasons why we can offer the prices that we do is because we've cut out all the fancy bells and whistles. There are no fancy showrooms, there are no salespeople, there are no warehouses to stock massive inventory, etc.

All of this helps us to minimize our overhead costs and focus on what we do best. Provide high quality furniture at rock-bottom prices directly to customers.

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